Delivery Approach



At the heart of the JSA approach is a Triangular Relationship, which is a dynamic process bringing together the Client, as the originator of need and objective, the JSA Account Managers team and the JSA mentoring team. This triangular relationship ensures positive reactivity by the participants and optimizes the conditions for executing the assignment, under strict discipline from all parties.

The triangular relationship controls and guarantees the intervention of the interim management team and supports his relationship with the Client as well as with the JSA mentoring team (JSA Partner). It is an integral part of our professional approach to the task and has contributed to the rapid recognition of our group by businesses.

The effectiveness of the triangular relationship is based on proven rules for successful change or conclusion of a project, ensuring:

Understanding of what is at stake, both in corporate and personal terms and of the attitudes and interests of the parties involved.

Clarity of the objectives, the priorities, and the role of each participant.

Alignment of collective and individual actions with the objectives.

Consistency in resources, attitudes and communication.

Reduction of risk, and resolution of problems.

Motivation & Communication.


JSA approach