Policy on Auditor Independence

  We at Jain Singhal & Associates strictly believe that we will provide the services of attestation only in cases where these services do not conflict with Auditor's Independence. We believe that as an auditor we must be independent both infact and appearance to ensure that we exercise impartial judgment on all issues raised in our engagement.

As a part of independence policy, an employee/partner of Jain Singhal & Associates:-
  1. Shall not maintain financial, employment and business relationship of any type other than the engagement under taken with the client.
  2. Shall not provide any services other than the scope of work
  3. Will maintain professionalism and integrity with the client.
  4. Will not accept any favour in terms of financial or otherwise.
  5. Shall not provide any services of product to a client for a contingent fees or commission.
Consistent with the firm's policy, employees/Partners of Jain Singhal & Associates may provide the attestation services.
Some of the attestation services are:-
    • Performing an audit and issuing audit opinions on company's financial statements;
    • Reviews of the company's interim financial statements;
    • Audit and other services required by statute or regulation.
  I). Scope of Services:

The services to be provided shall be as per agreed mandate. In case the mandate is not in writing, the understanding of scope of work by JSA shall be final.

II). Broad terms and conditions for rendering the professional services:
  1. Unless agreed otherwise, we charge for our services on time basis.

  2. Time spent during travels to Client place or to any authority office is treated as time spent on the Client.
III). Service quality and Disclaimer:
  1. All services will be provided on a best effort basis.

  2. All advice will be recommendatory in nature and the Clients must conduct their own due diligence before making any decision on their implementation.

  3. As the services involve significant human element, mistakes or errors cannot be ruled out. Our liability for any extraordinary error or mistake will stand limited to our fee in respect of that service only.