Delivery Process

Delivering Solutions

The JSA solution brings immediate value, and lays the foundation for the future success of the client. It is implemented by using a proven operational approach based on the Triangular Relationship between the client, the JSA Account Manager, and the JSA partner which incorporates five key factors:

Detailed planning

We work with our clients right from the start in order to arrive at a well understood definition of the projects context and objectives. Focus and clarity at this early stage are key for effectiveness and success.

Superior talents

We permanently invest time in identifying, interviewing and developing senior managers with an excellent track record of leadership in the changing environment. When re-sourcing an assignment, we often appoint managers whose credibility and experience far exceed the project's demands so as to guarantee speed and reduce risk .

Quick response time

As soon as we have a clear understanding of a situation and our client's objectives, we select the person best suited to the assignment. As speed is increasingly a prerequisite for success, our interim managers are usually in place within one to three weeks.

Project governance

Throughout each assignment, a JSA partner assesses progress and evaluates results; bringing an independent perspective. A formal review process, embedded in the Triangular Relationship concept, ensures that results are achieved, focus is maintained and priorities adjusted if the situation changes.

Building for the future

JSA not only responds to immediate challenges but also prepares for the longer term. During the last stage of the assignment, we agree on a hand-over plan with our client , the future organisation is defined and new permanent leaders identified, coached or recruited as needed.