Mr. Rakesh K Jain has written a book titled "Leaders & Ladders" - which is a pathways to organisation building. This is his first book which compiles the highlights of his practical experience of successful establishing and running of large organisation and learning of 35 years.

In this book, the author has mainly discussed the most important resource of organisation building, i.e. people in this book. He has divided the book into organisation building concepts, people development concepts, efficiency/productivity related concepts and growth related concepts.

Organisational performance depends upon the employees' performance. The process does not stop at recruiting the right people. It is equally important that the people working should continue to grow and work efficiently and hence the need of training, knowledge, motivation, discipline, skills and traits, etc. which are part of people development concepts, have been discussed.

Further, the author has also given immense importance to processes and use of technology for an effective organisation building. importance is also placed on strategic planning and creation of strategic group besides emphasising that the organisation should be process driven instead of people driven.

Emphasising on the above will enable an entrepreneur to establish an efficient and effective organisation.

The book concludes with personal aspects of the entrepreneur after achieving success.